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How to Choose Your Retail Space: Part 2

Complex Hours – Some towns shut down earlier than others. Before you go signing papers on your new retail space, make sure the complex you are moving into supports the hours you would like to be open. Having a storefront in somewhere like a suburban shopping mall can be very limiting if you would like to stay open late everyday. Also look into holidays. Will you be required to stay open on certain holidays you had planned to shut down for?

Accessibility – The obvious concern with accessibility is your customers. You want to make sure there is ample parking and an easy walk from the lot to your front door if possible. Customers are obviously a massive part of your business but extending kindess to everyone involved is always a good idea. How about the dock or the back door? Is it easibly accesible to big trucks? Having frieght delivered to the front door seriously hurts your workflow in a retail space. Think ahead and avoid these problems.

Zoning – Using an old house as a storefront can provide a great atmosphere for your store. In certain cities, it's a very popular option. Even if you're looking at a more traditional storefront, make sure you will not be breaking any city ordinances or zoning policies. Often times these can be worked around but it can be a long and frustrating process.

The Lease – This is an obvious consideration but make sure you are being realistic about the your business' operational costs and potential for profit. While k/month might seem like a reasonable price  be absolutely positive you can afford that even during the worst times of year.

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