Kodiak Constructors continues to add value to our industry and as we grow we remain on the forefront of commercial construction projects that exemplify cutting edge work.


"Mission Statement It is our mission at Kodiak Constructors, Inc. to be the premier builder of the southeast through providing excellent quality in our construction coupled with superior customer service ."

Advantages of Working With A Small Commercial Builder

Fewer Points of Contact – With only a handful of people managing the building process, you always know exactly who to talk to. If the company has a large portfolio, there is a good chance that those few individuals are even more knowledgeable about the process as they have been heavily involved in similar projects before. Knowing and trusting exactly who you're dealing with is a huge part of feeling at peace with your decision.

Reputation – For a small company, reputation is everything. In most cases, small builders can offer the same, if not better, warranties, floor-plans, and customer service as the bigger firms. They have to because they care. Your happiness and testimonials and what drives business and small firms are generally more eager to ensure your experience is as good as it can be.

Experience – As a small business, hiring tons of employees is simply not in the equation. For the most part, when a small commercial construction firm seeks workers, it looks for those with significant experience in multiple fields. That advantage for you is that when multiple people with experience in a large breadth of fields come together, everyone keeps an eye on the other, ensuring the best possible result.

This is not to say large firms are bad in any way. There are obviously reasons they were able to expand. However, when dealing with a large construction company, it's like dealing with any other large business; there is a chain of command to follow. When considering you're next large building process, think small!

Kodiak Constructors is a full-service commercial construction company. Founded in 1992, Kodiak provides both construction and pre-construction services in the areas of commercial, religious, retail, industrial, and specialty construction. For more information, visit www.kodiakconstructors.com.