Kodiak Constructors continues to add value to our industry and as we grow we remain on the forefront of commercial construction projects that exemplify cutting edge work.


"Mission Statement It is our mission at Kodiak Constructors, Inc. to be the premier builder of the southeast through providing excellent quality in our construction coupled with superior customer service ."

The Many Services of Kodiak Constructors

Kodiak Constructors is one of the foremost authorities in North Carolina when it comes to commercial, industrial, religious, retail, and specialty construction.  If you’re considering a contractor for your business needs and want to understand the capacity of services we offer, here are just a few:

Conceptual estimating -- Conceptual estimating helps to identify all aspects of a project to assure there is adequate funding on the parts of owners, partners, contractors, and other parties.  It creates a big picture and gives you an idea of a reasonable budget. Scheduling and time restraints can also be included in conceptual estimation.

Schedule analysis—A schedule analysis defines the tasks needs to complete a project, the workability of the plan, and the possibilities of keeping to a timeline during planning and construction phases.  Planning ahead with a strong schedule analysis saves both time and money.

Kodiak Konkrete—This branch of Kodiak constructors offers a range of concrete work to meet the needs of our contractors on projects both large and small.  From foundations to flooring, Kodiak Konkrete offers a solution our clients can count on.

Preconstruction budgeting, value, and constructable analysis—If you really want to know if your project, your budget, and your big ideas are viable, a preconstruction analysis is the place to begin.  We can offer honest insights and prepare you for all that lays ahead.

Value engineering—Value engineering can help you both improve function and reduce costs through solid project management. Value engineering also allows you to evaluate your options throughout the building process.

Risk Assessment – Risk assessment allows you to evaluate the foreseeable problems and to consider them in relation to the perceived values of a project. It is an objective evaluation that takes into account assumptions and uncertainties as well as the potential for loss, so you know exactly where you stand from the moment your project begins.

Subcontractor market analysis – A subcontractor market analysis allows you to know the viability, quality, and price of subcontractors in a specific market or region.

No matter what your needs, Kodiak Constructors offers the services you need for your next project along with the guidance to assure your success.  If you have more questions about what Kodiak Constructors can do for you, feel free to make an appointment and ask our experts.

Advantages of Working With A Small Commercial Builder

Kodiak Constructors provides the experience you need to make your project a success and operates under a business philosophy that attention to detail and great customer service are the recipe for solid client experiences.  Contact the experts at www.kodiakconstructors.com about your upcoming project and learn how together you can make it a success.